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  • Soup of the day (gf) – Supa3.95
    Ask your server about today's soup
  • Tzatziki (v)(gf)3.95
    Greek dip made with Greek yogurt, grated LA STORIA SIAMO NOI cucumber, seasonad with garlic, EVO oil and rosemary, served with bread
  • Calamari​​​​​​​​​7.50
    Squid rings covered with bread crumbs and sprinkled with lemon juice
  • Meat Balls (gf) – Keftedes 5.95
    Savoury Irish minced bef, mixed with hands, EVO oil on a red Provencal sauce
  • Dolmadakia (v)(gf)6.95
    Vine leaves filled with savoury rice, mixed herbs and EVO oil
  • Garlic Mushrooms (v)5.50
    Mushrooms stuffed with garlic butter in crispy coating, served with tzatziki and side salad
  • Mydia saganaki (gf) – Mydia Saganaki 7.50
    Mussels sauteed in EVO oil, homemade tomato sauce and finished with melted feta cheese
  • Panfried kingprawns (gf) – Garides 9.95
    Panfried kingprawns with homemade tomato sauce and a touch of Ouzo and feta cheese
  • Melitzana kolokithia tiganiti (v)6.95
    Deepfried sliced aubergines and courgettes with "Skordalia" garlic sauce
  • Tyro pita (v)5.50
    Feta cheese in bread crumbs with herbs wrapped in filo pastry
  • Saganaki (v) 5.50
    Deepfried feta cheese in bread crumbs served with side salad
  • Spanakopite 6.00
    Deepfried spinach and cheese wrapped in filo pastry
  • Greek salad (v)(gf) 7.95
    Tomatoes, rocket, cucumber, onions, mixed peppers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, EVO oil
  • Ceaser Salad 8.95
    Lettuce, sweet corn, sliced chicken breast, croutons, 24 months aged parmesan cheese and balsamic
  • Corfu salad (v)(gf) 9.95
    Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mix peppers, red onions, grilled halloumi cheese, drizzled with EVO oil
  • Mousaka14.95
    Layers of aubergines, potatoes, irish minced beef and fresh herbs topped with homemade bechamel sauce
  • Vegetarian Mousaka (v)13.95
    Layers of aubergines, potatoes and fresh herbs topped with homemade bechamel sauce
  • Pastichio14.95
    Popular Greek oven baked dish with baked layers of pasta, sauteed mince beef and kefalotyri cheese topped with homemade bechamel sauce
  • Kleftiko (gf)18.95
    Lamb on the bone wrapped and steamed in a tin foil, cooked and combined with vegetables, garlic and fresh herbs
  • Stifado (gf)15.95
    Greek style casserole, stewed with wine, garlic and cinnamon
  • Psari (gf)17.95
    Oven baked salmon or cod with EVO oil, herbs and freshly squeezed lemon juice served with mashed potatoes and side salad
  • Chicken souvlaki (gf)16.95
    Skewered fillets of chicken marinated in EVO oil and oregano. Charcoal grilled and served with homemade chips and grilled cherry tomatoes
  • Pork souvlaki (gf)17.95
    Skewered fillets of pork marinated in EVO oil and oregano. Charcoal grilled and served with homemade chips, tzatziki and grilled cherry tomatoes
  • Paidakia (gf)21.95
    Fresh Irish lamb chops, charcoal grilled and served with homemade chips and lemon slice
  • Brizola (gf)21.95
    8oz Irish sirloin steak, charcoal grilled to you liking, served with a dip of you choice [peppers/ garlic butter/ mushroom&cream ]
  • Bifteki14.95
    Greek style burger served with homemad chips and any sauce of your choice
  • Mixed Grilled Platter21.95
    Lamb chops, chicken souvlaki, pork souvlaki, greek style burger served with homemade chips or ovenbaked potatoes

Having Mezedes as a feast is a typically Greek way of enjoying the taste of food and wine at it's best, if you have time and appetite

  • Seafood mezedes
    Taramasalata, mussels, prawns, calamari19.95
  • Mixed mezedes
    Tzatziki, meatballs, stifado, calamari, prawn19.95
  • Meat mezedes
    Tzatziki, souvlaki, tyropota, meatballs, stifado18.95
  • Vegetarian Mezzedes
    Hummus, tzatziki, dolmas, melitzana, mix pies15.95

Psomia / Breads

  • Bread
    with olives pate' and sundried tomatoes4.95
  • Skordopsomo
    garlic bread with EVO oil and garlic3.95
  • Bruschetta
    toasted bread with freshly sliced tomatoes, feta cheese and onions4.95
  • Pita bread
    a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour2.50

Makaronada / Pasta

  • Makaronia me kima [spaghetti bolognese]
    Spaghetti with slowly cooked minced beef ragu13.50
  • Makaronia me thallasina [seafood spaghetti]
    Spaghetti with Irish salmon, prawns, mussels and homemade tomato saucec17.95
  • Me kota me krema [spaghetti corfu]
    Spaghetti with diced chicken, mushrooms and creamy white wine sauce15.95
  • Always availabla also (v)vegetarian pasta options
  • Homemade chips1.95
  • Mix salad 1.95
  • Oven baked potatoes1.95
  • Feta cheese with EVO oil and oregano3.50
  • Homemade bread1.95
  • Bowl of greek olives2.50
  • Rice1.95
  • Selection of fresh vegetables2.50
  • Ravani4.95
    Popular Greek sponge made with flour, eggs, yogurt and bathed butter
  • Galaktobureko4.95
    Traditional Greek dessert, milk and LA STORIA SIAMO NOcIream pie drizzled in honey syrup
  • Baklavas4.95
    The most famous Greek dessert with Middle Eastern roots, layers of filo pastry, buttered, filled with nuts, cinnnamon, drizzled with honey syrup and served with ice cream or fresh cream
  • Cocolate cake (gf)4.95
    Please check with your server
  • Dessert of the day4.95
    Please check with your server
  • Choice of ice cream4.95
    Please check with your server
  • Greek yogurt (gf)4.95
    Served with honey and nuts
  • Greek Frappe Coffee2.50
  • Greek Coffee1.95
  • Cappuccino2.50
  • Espresso2.00
  • Espresso macchiato2.20
  • Double espresso2.50
  • Americano2.20
  • Latte2.60
  • Hot chocolate3.40
  • Mocha3.40
  • Irish coffee6.50
  • French coffee6.50
  • Monterfrio Airen Glass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    Brilliant and attractive pale lemon colour, very clean and shiny. Clean, fresh, apple, peach and tropical aromas. A very easy-to-drink, fresh and tasty wine.
  • Castellani Trebbiano D'Abruzzo D.O.C.Glass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    A light and crisp wine, with hints of apple and wild flower in the aromas. Dry and full of character with a distinct acidity on the palate.
  • Marques del Turia WhiteGlass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    A clever blend of Viura and Sauvignon producing a dry and zippy wine with a clean summery freshness.
  • Montefrio Tempranillo ItalyGlass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    Very nice cherry colour, red berry aromas. Good body and lovely fruity finish.
  • Castellani Montepulciano D'AbruzzoGlass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    Medium bodied, ruby red. Intense rip bramble fruit aromas. Good body and lovely fruity finish
  • Marques del Turia RedGlass 5.50 / Bottle 20.95
    The Bodal grape grown exclusively in Valencia provides an east drinking style red.
  • Mc Peterson Shiraz Australia21.95
    A deliciously fruity red wine. Ruby red in colour with lively nose of fresh strawberries, cassis and cherries. The palate is fruity bursting with ripe raspberry and black cherry flowers.
  • Urmenta Merlot Chile21.95
    Medium bodied, intense red with violet tones. Very gentle tannins, a friendly, drinkable wine.
  • Culemborg Cape Red South Africa22.50
    Lovely ripe red fruit flavours, luscious and delicious
  • Botter II Barco Salice Salentino Riserva Italy24.50
    Rich fruit flavor of sweet blackberries and plums, warm and lightly spicy in the palate with long acidity and round tannins.
  • Bouchard Aine et Fils Fleurie France35.00
    Flowery, fruity aromas. Subtle and well-balanced. A richly-flavoured silky wine with plenty of body.
  • Corte Viola Prosecco FrizzanteItaly25.95
  • ½ Carafe of White WineItaly14.00
  • ½ Carafe of Red WineItaly14.00
  • Botter Pinot Grigio RoseItalyGlass 5.50 / Bottle 23.00


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I have personally selected our wine range to compliment every meal. We even have a selection of specially imported Greek wines to give you a true taste of Greece.
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  • Our friendly Greek restaurant, where you'll be greeted by our lovely staff. Restaurant owner Sabah will endeavour to make your Greek dining experience amazing.

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